1. Tether Cryptocurrency is Fully Dollar Backed

Tether cryptocurrency has the funds to convert all USDT into USD according to bank statements seen by Bloomberg which claims the veracity of these USD funds has been confirmed by an unnamed government official. How Bloomberg got hold of these documents is not clear, but they say Tether had $2.2 billion at Noble Bank Ltd. on Jan. 31 2018. That same day, 2.195 billion Tethers existed.

Link: https://www.trustnodes.com/2018/12/18/tether-is-apparently-fully-dollar-backed-afterall

Tutorial here on how to buy Bitcoin with Tether: https://paxful.com/how-to-buy-bitcoin/tether-usdt

2. How to buy Bitcoin Online? Education Needed

Out of 1,000 people who currently invest online in traditional products like stocks, over 400 – 44% – people cited a lack of good educational resources as a reason they didn’t want to invest in cryptocurrency, hence the question “how to buy bitcoin online”. While those within the community may find it easy to buy with USD or Tether cryptocurrency and feel that there are a wide array of educational tools available, plenty of these require an pre-existing familiarity with something basic like Bitcoin in order to fully grasp.

Link: https://www.ccn.com/education-the-biggest-barrier-preventing-online-investors-from-purchasing-cryptocurrency/

3. Institutional Investors lose interest in Bitcoin

Institutional investors are quickly losing interest in Bitcoin, JP Morgan has stated in recent research. According to the bank, key flow metrics have dwindled in recent months indicating reduced interest from the professional investors. The research cited interest in Cboe Global Markets which is at its lowest since Bitcoin futures launched a year ago. The median transaction volume has dropped by over 96 percent as well, further indicating dwindling interest.

Link: https://nulltx.com/institutional-investors-uninterested-bitcoin-jp-morgan/

4. Japan Crypto Regulation Draft Report is Ready

Japan is inching towards new cryptocurrency regulations. The Financial Services Agency published its draft report on the upcoming regulations on Friday last week, highlighting several key issues that have not been addressed by current regulations. This includes deemed dealers, margin trading, privacy coins, and hacking issues. The draft was discussed at the 11th study group meeting of the FSA and included recommendations from the past ten study group meetings.

Link: https://blokt.com/news/japans-new-crypto-regulation-draft-report-is-ready

5. Global Debt hits $184 Trillion

According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the global debt has achieved $184 trillion with $86,000 per person, a figure that is twice larger than the global average income per-capita. Out of the $184 trillion, The Balance reported that $21 trillion comes from the U.S., making up for around 11.4 percent of the global debt.

Link: https://www.ccn.com/global-debt-hits-184-trillion-and-11-4-of-it-is-from-the-us-big-bubble/

6. Syncing Data Between Bitcoin Nodes Is About to Get Easier

Spearheaded by Blockstream is designed to achieve set reconciliation between the mempools of each full node. “Set reconciliation, in short, is the problem of trying to figure out what the differences are between two sets stored on different computers, while minimizing how much data needs to be exchanged between them.” said Blockstream co-founder Pieter Wuille.

Link: https://bitcoinmagazine.com/articles/synching-data-between-bitcoin-nodes-about-get-easier/

7. Is Bitcoin secure long term? Jury’s out

In episode 97 (title: “How Crypto and Blockchain Technology Could Change Financial Services”) of crypto journalist Laura Shin’s “Unchained” podcast, recorded at CME’s recent Global Financial Leadership Conference, Arthur Hayes, Co-Founder and CEO at crypto derivatives exchange BitMEX, said that “the jury is out on whether or not Bitcoin is actually secure over the long run.”

Link: https://www.cryptoglobe.com/latest/2018/12/bitmex-ceo-jury-out-on-whether-bitcoin-is-secure-long-term/

8. Coinbase adds Crypto to Crypto Conversions

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has announced a new feature called Convert today which lets users convert their crypto holdings directly into other cryptocurrencies. The announcement comes during the company’s 12 Days of Coinbase program where they will be announcing a new update every day until December 21.

Link: https://blokt.com/news/coinbase-now-allows-direct-crypto-conversions-on-its-platform

9. Western Union is prepared to Add Cryptocurrencies

Western Union, the leading international money transfer service provider, recently released a video in which it noted that the company is “uniquely positioned to connect the cash and digital world.”  Odilon Almeida, the president of Western Union, remarked “Western Union is ready today to adopt any kind of currency. We already work with 130 currencies. When we feel it’s the right time to introduce cryptocurrencies to our platform … technology-wise, it’s just one more currency.”. Maybe a Tether cryptocurrency alternative?

Link: https://www.cryptoglobe.com/latest/2018/12/western-union-ceo-says-they-re-prepared-to-add-cryptocurrencies-when-it-s-necessary/

10. Chinese Cryptocurrency in the works

The government of China has been infamously hostile towards cryptocurrency-related economic activities like crypto trading, mining, P2P loans, and ICOs. But this doesn’t mean that the Chinese government disapproves of the underlying idea of Bitcoin. Although Xi Jinping’s administration has done much to kill the domestic cryptocurrency market, it’s currently at work developing its own secure, blockchain-based digital currency.

Link: https://news.bitcoin.com/a-chinese-government-controlled-bitcoin-alternative-is-reportedly-in-the-works/