1. US Lawmakers File Bill to Exempt Cryptocurrencies from Securities Laws

Two US lawmakers are planning to introduce a bill that would change the Securities Exchange Act and potentially prevent any and all cryptocurrencies from being labeled as a security. The Token Taxonomy Act is being introduced in the House of Representatives by Ohio Republican Warren Davidson and Florida Democrat Darren Soto. If it passes, the law would ensure that “securities laws would not apply to cryptocurrencies once they become a fully functioning network.” (DailyHodl)

2. Thailand to relax rules on ICOs

Thailand’s securities regulator is planning a public hearing with the aim of loosening rules that form a “barrier” to initial coin offerings (ICOs), local English-language news outlet Bangkok Post reported Dec. 20. Thailand initially which issued a royal decree to regulate its domestic cryptocurrency markets in May. It had revealed its intention to license its first ICO portal in November and an ICO itself this month. Now, rules for issuers to begin fundraising may become less strict, although there will be caps on participation. (CoinTelegraph)

3. 90% Of Monero Coins Have Been Mined

As 2018 ends, 90% of all Monero (XMR) ever to exist have already been mined. According to the current mining rate, the total supply of 18.4 million XMR will be completely mined by 31 May 2022. As of today, roughly XMR 16.6 million have already been mined. This translates into slightly over 90% of the total supply. (BitcoinNews)

4. U.S. Stocks Plummet while Nasdaq Approaches Bear Market

While cryptocurrencies have seen a jump in the last few days, all of Wall Street’s major indexes headed for deep losses. The drop is extending a week-long losing streak that threatens to unravel a decade-long bull market. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell more than 400 points toward new yearly lows. At the time of writing, 27 of 30 index members had reported losses. (CCN)

5. Ripple’s XRP Is Not A Security

CEO Of Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse has subsequently spelled it out that “XRP is not a security.” There has been a major debate among investors, users, and enthusiasts on XRP being security. He went on to explain that XRP is independent of Ripple Labs, and is capable of outliving the company because it is traded on so many platforms and will continue even if Ripple Labs shuts down. But the company owns more than 60% of the token. (ZyCrypto)

6. Send Bitcoin Via Satellite

Starting in January 2019, people will be able – for free – to send and receive bitcoin from almost anywhere on earth, using the Blockstream Satellite network and its new API. Blockstream is a blockchain technology company founded by some of the oldest hands in the cryptocurrencies industry. The company has also launched the fifth of their satellites to support the network which extends coverage to the Asia-Pacific region, inaugurating their so-called “Phase 2” coverage. (CryptoGlobe)

7. Templum Seeks SEC Clarity

Regulated token trader Templum wants to clarify how digital assets tracked or tokenized on a blockchain might fit within U.S. securities regulations. To that end, the company filed a rulemaking petition to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) last week, in which the firm outlined how crypto assets and blockchain technology may be leveraged in certain forms of securities transactions.(CoinDesk)

8. Parity Launches Substrate

Cryptocurrencies for everyone. Parity Technologies has launched Substrate, a tool that lets users create customized blockchains for decentralized applications. The firm announced Tuesday that Substrate is now available as a beta version, adding that the open-source tech was designed to be “as generic as possible” to allow flexibility when designing blockchains. The included API also lets users create their own consensus mechanism or they can utilize “most” existing algorithms. (CoinDesk)

9. Australians Can Use Crypto Debit Card at 30000 ATMs

A Sydney-based startup is seeking to change the status quo by offering a crypto debit card which enables the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum to be used at any business or ATM across Australia. Unlike other preloaded cards, BTC.com.au says its card is free to acquire, and consumers don’t have to pay any fees when they top it up. (CoinTelegraph)

10. Blockchain Developers At High Demand

With blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies poised to up-end virtually every industry on the planet, from global resource distribution to big finance, it’s safe to say that developers who are experts in blockchain tech are highly sought after. In fact, according to the new U.S. Emerging Jobs Report from Microsoft-owned Linkedin, developers and engineers specializing in peer-to-peer distributed ledger platforms have surged by 330 percent this year, miles ahead of any other profession. (CryptoInsider)