1. Crypto Market adds $29 Billion

This week, the valuation of the crypto market increased by $29 billion from $100 billion to $129 billion. Within a five-day span, led by the sudden increase in the Bitcoin price, the crypto market experienced a surge in its valuation by nearly 30 percent. Following the initial rally of Bitcoin (BTC) to $4,000, many technical analysts expressed concerns toward the sustainability of the recently found momentum of the crypto market, as Bitcoin started to retrace. (CCN)

2. IBM and Intel are having a Blockchain Tug-of-War

Nine of the 11 Technical Steering Committee (TSC) members voted in favor of the Sawtooth Supply Chain project on December 6. The approval massively heightens its profile and means it enters Hyperledger’s formal project lifecycle and receives the support such as community outreach, marketing, security review, etc. Nine of the 11 TSC members voted in favor while other two objected. They questioned whether the project belonged within the scope of Hyperledger. Notably, both of them work at IBM: Arnaud Le Hors, who was absent from the vote, and Chris Ferris, the former TSC chair, who was present but abstained. (CoinDesk)

3. Atari Rolls Out Blockchain Games

The game industry is currently one of the most impacted by blockchain sectors. The penetration of the distributed ledger technology into video gaming is only contributing to the growth of the industry. A prime example is a giant video game company Atari which has recently partnered with blockchain startup Animoca Brands to make blockchain versions of two popular mobile games, RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch and Goon Squad. (CoinSpeaker)

4. Blockchain Technology To Transform Travel Industry

While crypto market isn’t having the best time, blockchain technology has managed to stay relevant, with organisations and governments coming out with ways through which they can use blockchain as a tool for growth and advancement. One particular sector that has witnessed a tremendous use of the nascent technology has been the travel industry, where even airports have adopted the use of cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. (CCN)

5. Crypto Mining Could Crash Abkhazia’s Power Grid

Abkhazia is a de facto republic on the eastern coast of the Black Sea. It was formally a part of Georgia. It seems that both Georgia and Abkhazia share a new-found love of cryptocurrency, since cryptocurrency miners have moved in and set up mining farms in long-abandoned factories and warehouses. Indeed, considering power consumed, Georgia is second only to China in terms of cryptocurrency mining. Another thing shared by Abkhazia and Georgia is a Soviet-era hydro-electric complex, which struggles to meet either country’s needs during the winter. (Bitcoinist)

6. Tunisian Internet Agency Signs Partnership With Blockchain Platform

The Tunisian Internet Agency (ATI) has signed a 10-year renewable strategic partnership with the blockchain platform Universa to provide hosting services for the platform and facilitate its further development. The agreement sets up a range of objectives, wherein the ATI will develop value-added services in the blockchain field, digital economy, and digitization of paperwork. Founded in 1996, the ATI is a governmental body run by the Ministry of Communications with the objective to promote Internet usage in the country. (CoinTelegraph)

7. Tax advice published by UK government for cryptocurrency investors

The British government has hardly held open welcoming arms for cryptocurrency businesses and investors so far, but it has shown increasing signs of engaging with the community. Now, it’s given some clear financial guidance for those who invest in crypto market. An official document has been released by HM Revenue & Customs in the UK, by the name of ‘Cryptoassets for individuals’. It’s the culmination of a lengthy consultation period, and it’s provided guidelines on tax liabilities. (CryptoNewsReview)

8. BCH Hash War: Battle Aftermath

35 days after the fork, Bitcoin Cash supporters are working towards moving past the hash war. Both networks are operating and the Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision (BSV) coin has its own price ticker and market capitalization. A portion of crypto-trading platforms have now listed BSV as a separate currency and the entire ecosystem of exchanges, payment processors and a great majority of wallets have awarded the ABC side of the chain the BCH ticker. At the time of writing, the global average price for BCH is $144 after markets jumped 47 percent on Dec. 19. BSV spiked 18 percent this Tuesday and each coin is currently trading for $92 per token. (Bitcoin.com)

9. Waves Token Price Jumps 30%

Global blockchain platform Waves has raised $120 million in a private funding round for its new project called Vostok, according to an official blog post published Dec. 19. The Vostok project is a “universal blockchain solution” that combines two basic components  — its own private blockchain platform, and the Vostok system integrator, a tool for developing and optimizing the platform. (CoinTelegraph)

10. World’s First Regulated Blockchain Real Estate Crowdsale Platform

Tokenized assets are here to stay. The current race is about who can get regulated products to the market first and then who can successfully gain user adoption. While several projects have purported to tokenize real estate assets, blockimmo is the first to do it within the bounds of existing regulations in two jurisdictions. The blockimmo platform launched recently with two test properties, but they intend to have actual real estate listed in the beginning of 2019. (CCN)

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